In 2018 we have a special project in mind! We are developing the details of a special partnership with the women of a village we hold close to our hearts. Stay tuned...

In 2017 Sabai raised $500 for 3 months of teaching, supplies, workbooks, etc. This fundraiser is a continual effort for long term learning. Please consider contributing to this fundraiser to provide Nepali adults with the basic tools of reading and writing in their own language and in English. These tools open up numerous doors and opportunities to make a better living for themselves and their families.

After living in Nepal for three months and immersing myself in these families, I’ve notice the biggest barrier is the lack of opportunity for education as a young child. Over the past generation many NGOs and volunteer organizations have stepped up to help the Nepali youth reach education. However the generation before does not receive any help, to my knowledge.

Deepak Dai & Kalu Dai: I had the honor of witnessing a truly life changing moment.... I watched two grown men have their first reading and writing class. Deepak's wife had set up a table, three plastic chairs, two used notebooks, a battery operated light, and flowers in water on a table. When class was done she sat at my feet and cried while she told me how thankful she was. She showed me her daughter, with mental challenges, lying on the floor, writing her ABCs, eager to be like her Dad. I saw his son sitting by his side eager to teach. I've never seen Deepak so proud and focused. After class he continued to work for another hour, rewriting his recently learned letters. He didn't want to stop! The family was beaming, excited about the new journey.

Nikita is diagnosed with seizures and moderate mental retardation. The collected funds will pay for extra one-on-one attention, speech therapy, and skills training. She is unable to attend school and talks about going all the time. She can't quite understand why she is not able to attend... me neither...

Ctal is their teacher. She is a Nepali elementary school teacher and lives nearby. I've seen her advocate for the needs of others. Once a man mocked and laughed at Deepak and Kalu for learning "child's work". She stood up for them and promptly kicked the man out. She brings ideas of mediation and homework to help with their learning. She is kind and patient, a true gem.

In 2016 we raised $1000 for the village of Kuesenda in north Gorkha, in the epicenter of the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. I had the privilege to trek up to the village to hand deliver the funds raised and witness their tragedies personally. An experience I will never forget!