About Us

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Our founder and CEO, Natalie, started Sabai in Thailand in 2010 as a side hobby to her career as a child mental health therapist. As the mental health career became more taxing, Sabai continued to thrive. In 2016 Natalie left her career to pursue her entrepreneurial passions of global connection, cultural exploration, married with her love of clothing sewing and designing, the birth of Sabai was inevitable! Each year Natalie has traveled to Asia bi annually to strengthen the business and personal connections with our Sabai artisans 

We have steadily grown since then through grassroots efforts and dedicated support from our patrons! We'd loved for you to share our mission and business with your friends and family members. 

elderly gypsy lady silk bag woman
Sabai Sabai is a common Thai phrase meaning "everything's good" or "not a care in the world." It is wellness almost beyond words, The Thai's heaven on earth. What better way to distinguish Sabai's mission.

We strive to provide you with products that are culturally authentic, breathable, bright, unique, and innovative. At Sabai Sabai we design and buy with purpose, integrity, heart, and to support those who need it most. Your purchases are not only supporting a small local business owner, but you are also supporting artisans, and their families, around the world. These partnerships enrich their families and foster a healthy and caring relationship with Sabai

From my heart to yours,

Karp Koon Kaa (Thai)
Danyabadd (Nepalese & Hindi)
Tu Che Che (Tibetan)

Thank You,
Natalie Faulkner

Here we are teaching young Thai girls to hoop and letting them be kids.  They are forced to sell flowers until 2am on the tourist beaches. We are happy we could bring smiles and fun to them but wished we could've done more.

thai flower working girls with hoop