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2018 Holiday Fundraiser

Here at Sabai we care where our money goes and who it goes to! It’s important to us to support the “little guys,” the people to work hard, and need our support. Please consider supporting our annual fundraiser? The link is below


As the holidays begin to rev up, Sabai is launching our annual holiday fundraiser! We’ve already raised $150 through sales at our recent craft shows! We would love it if you would consider buying with purpose from our small business this season. 



What is out fundraiser this season?

We are raising $1,500 to put a roof on a community center in the village of Nepal. This village is very special to me. This is the home village of a few Nepalis that have supported Sabai and I over the past few years. Last year one of their main patriarchal leaders of their village passed away at age 65. 

Leaving behind his wife, 3 grown married sons who live in the city, and 2 younger daughters. His unexpected death left a village with grieve and shock. During this time they invited me to be a part of the deep and ancient mourning rituals. An honor I will never forget. 


Why this fundraiser is important 

With their loss, it leaves a hole in their community weave. My mission is to finish their community center as a place where all can gather. My hopes is to provide a few sewing machines for the women to exploring crafting and possibly make income for their families. Please help me give the ladies of Pumdi, Nepal a place to create, gather, and feel empowered?